Swimming Pool Becomes Colorful Pinwheel Made of 130,000 Tiles

If you’ve never really thought about swimming pools being works of art, you’re not alone. Prior to seeing Alex Proba’s pool art, we pretty much looked at pools as utilitarian. Sometimes beautiful and sculptural? Yes. Works of art? No. That is until spotting a jaw-dropping pool on Felipe Pantone’s Instagram account recently. Felipe Pantone is an Argentinian-Spanish artist known for his chromatic, pixelated and digitized glitchy artwork. Now, he’s taken his signature aesthetic and turned a basic rectangular pool into a colorful pinwheel made using ONIX mosaic tiles in just seven tile colors.

Attached to a modern, minimalist house in Javea, Spain, the infinity pool is the colorful standout against the home’s white exterior. The 1″ mosaic tiles allow for the colors to blend into each other creating a visually delightful pattern. Between the ever-changing light and the water rippling, the design shifts and comes alive no matter where you’re standing. Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Swimming Pool Becomes Colorful Pinwheel Made of 130,000 Tiles

As if the pool wasn’t stunning enough, the lush greenery and sea views in the distance are icing on the cake.

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Swimming Pool Becomes Colorful Pinwheel Made of 130,000 Tiles

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