A space-saving home elevator was installed by the Direct Lifts team in Queensland at a residence in Noosaville.

The amount of open floor space available for the lift was limited to 965mm, and it needed to travel three floors from the garage up to the top floor. The Flex-e home lift was an ideal choice due to its highly flexible design with an aluminium/glass shaft that can fit almost anywhere.  Freightlift

Space-saving elevator offers flexibility and convenience at Noosaville home | Architecture & Design

The Flex-e Lift is a screw-driven vertical home lift assembled using high-quality materials and designed to deliver both high performance and outstanding aesthetics to suit private houses, cottages and apartment buildings.

The weight restriction on this building meant smaller motors had to be used, which minimised the footprint while maximising the load capacity at 250kg. The aluminium and glass door is not only lightweight but also easy to clean and lasts longer.

The Flex-e lift was perfect for this installation because there was no need for a pit or machinery room, with the lift fitting within the space provided.

Residential elevators allow residents to move between the floors of their home without any difficulty. These home lifts are also ideal for guests who may not want to use the stairs, making it easier and more convenient for them. A home lift is the ideal solution for homes with limited space and levels.

How much does a residential house elevator cost?

The cost of installation will vary depending on how your house is set up. If you have easy access to all floors throughout, it may be cheaper than one with limited space between each level. The cost will also depend on whether there’s already an existing lift in place or not. The average price for this type of equipment starts at $30K and goes up depending on what features are included with the final product.

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Space-saving elevator offers flexibility and convenience at Noosaville home | Architecture & Design

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