40 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas of 2023- Gifts for New Home

Unique finds to celebrate any new digs.

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40 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas of 2023- Gifts for New Home

Chances are pretty high that you know someone who recently moved. Whether you have new neighbors on your block, your friends are christening a new vacation house in the mountains or at the beach, or your sister just got her first apartment in the city, you're going to want to give them a proper welcome with a housewarming present—especially if they're hosting a party to celebrate their new digs.

"Think of [a housewarming gift] as a way to infuse a warm energy into a home," says Nellie Butler, founder of Mariée Ami, an event planning company in the Southeast. It doesn't need to be anything fancy—like any gift, when it comes to a housewarming present, it's really the thought that counts. Even a heartfelt card, bottle of wine, or bouquet of flowers is a perfectly suitable way to say "congratulations."

Of course, there are plenty of other great housewarming gifts if you want to go the extra mile. Most importantly, you want to look for products that are useful. Your loved one is already dealing with mountains of boxes to unpack, so a practical gift that will make their everyday life a little easier is one to give. Another option? Swap their everyday products—like sheets, towels, hand soap, and candles—for options that are a little more luxurious.

Want more specific ideas for the best housewarming gifts to bring over to the party? Ahead are 40 unique ideas that they'll use and adore for years to come. We found something to suit everyone and every budget, so you're bound to find just the right thing. You may even find something special for your own home while you're browsing.

Chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2023, this charcuterie board is an ideal housewarming gift. Featuring a visual map of good placements, the design by Meg Quinn adds a homely yet chic addition to any host's kitchenwares.

A hint of green makes any home feel more cozy and lived-in. The money tree in particular is a traditional symbol of good luck, and is said to bring positive energy to any space it graces. No mess, no fuss, just the perfect amount of greenery to brighten up any room of their new house.

For their future dinner parties and movie nights, you can't go wrong with this cheese board plate set. The center fits a few wedges of cheese, but it also comes with multiple dishes for accoutrements. What's more, the top rotates to add space and reveal a full set of cheese knives.

There's no questioning whose house you've arrived at with this welcoming, useful doormat underfoot. The best part? It's machine-washable. Reviewers love that it's sturdy and non-slip, which helps keep guests and visitors safe as they step into your home. Some buyers even keep it indoors for mudrooms, too.

Homesick candles are a classic gift for any home, but this New Home variation is perfect for anyone moving into a fresh space. It smells like linen, wood, and clean air, making it an ideal accessory to spark memories in a new home.

Any new home needs an emergency preparedness kit on hand, and this one is packed to the brim with 53 helpful items. You'll get the basics, like a first-aid kit and lanterns, but also water filtration packets, dust masks, hand warmers, and more.

This portable pizza oven can go from their new backyard to their next camping trip with ease, as it's not too big and it comes with a carrying case. The Ooni Fyra 12 runs off wood pellets and can fire up a gourmet pizza in 60 seconds flat. Dinner parties just leveled up big-time.

You can go one of two ways with these whimsical handmade throw pillows: Pay homage to the city they recently departed or showcase their new hometown. Either way, it's a housewarming gift they'll cherish for years to come.

Suncatchers are said to bring good luck. This is a beautiful (and affordable) housewarming gift that will splash bright prisms of light all over their walls, which is especially lovely if they haven't had time to decorate yet. The fact that it's less than ten bucks is an added bonus for understandably tight budgets.

If they're lucky enough to have an outside space, then this live olive tree would be a great addition to their garden or patio. Even if they live in an apartment, this tree is suitable for indoors, too. It will grow up to three feet, making it a gorgeous addition to any indoor or outdoor garden your green thumb has.

This hand-painted porcelain ornament comes with a personalization option to add to the roof of this adorable house. What's better than a small, custom memento they can revisit year after year? They'll love it so much, they might even display it on a desk or countertop year-round.

Get them these colorful champagne flutes to liven up their glassware cabinet and spark joy at their housewarming get-togethers. Each set of four comes in stunning hues (some even mix-matched) and they'll cherish them for years to come. Pro tip: don't forget the bottle of bubbly to go with it!

For the loved one who adores entertaining, this food warming tray offers three oven-safe chafing pans, making their housewarming party (or any soirées they're planning once they're settled) an absolute breeze. This warmer set affords room for a main dish and two large sides in the three 2.5-quart stainless steel chafing pans. Each pan comes with a transparent domed lid to keep moisture in while serving, and each lid has a spoon slot for easy serving.

As soon as all their furniture arrives, you can bet they're going to want to hunker down at home for a while. Send them all the hygge vibes with this ultra-cozy, chunky throw. The weighted component will help them to feel secure whether they're settling in for the night or taking a nap on the couch after a day spent unpacking in their new place.

With all those thank-you notes ahead of them, your loved one is sure to appreciate a custom return address stamp to save them time and effort without sacrificing aesthetics. Choose from a slew of ink stamp colors and give them a gift that's equal parts thoughtful and useful.

If all of a sudden they have a lot more space to fill, this gift set is perfect. It comes with four scented candles, all housed in artful jars, so they can place one in each room. Each set includes: one spring scented candle, one lavender-scented candle, one lemon-scented candles, and one Mediterranean fig scented candle.

Whether your friend is just getting acquainted with a new state or missing the one they left behind, this tea towel, which is printed with a sweet poem and whimsical design for their home state, makes for a thoughtful gift.

Protect their tabletops and celebrate their arrival in a new home with these customizable stone coasters. You can personalize with any text below the phrase "New Home New Beginning New Memories." They'll love having these coasters on hand to prevent the dreaded moisture rings, and they'll be so appreciative each time they use them.

Breakfast for two? This unique kitchen appliance makes two full breakfast sandwiches in minutes—no extra tools required. It's a great gift for a busy professional who's tight on space or a new couple who's looking forward to plenty of relaxed mornings at home after they've settled into their new digs.

A green home is a happy home, and this fun little hydroponic, moisture-regulating kit will help infuse their kitchen with an array of usable herbs—no gardening skills required. Housed in gorgeous vintage-inspired glass jars, they'll love having this no-fuss bit of greenery in their new home.

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40 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas of 2023- Gifts for New Home

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