ComMarker Unveils a New Portable Laser Engraver -

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Hobbyists, artists, or small manufacturing business owners may find their creativity limited with today’s conventional laser engravers. Currently funding on Kickstarter, the ComMarker B4 is designed to make engraving simpler and more efficient thanks to its precise, high-quality laser output. It provides deeper etches at 15,000mm/s in fine detail at a precision of up to 0.01mm on all sorts of materials. Desktop Mini Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

ComMarker Unveils a New Portable Laser Engraver  -

The 20W ComMarker B4’s fiber laser source, which lasts 10,000 hours, uses glass fibers, population inversion, and an amplifier module to generate a stronger and quicker laser output. So users can easily engrave graphics on any material, including leather, plastic, and metal, leading to a durable and permanent finish. A Galvano scanner and field lens drive the system’s motion, producing precise, quick laser movement for a faster, deeper, and more accurate engraving.

The system allows users to automatically align three laser points through one button, making batch engravings possible in just seconds. A telescope lifting level provides fine-tuning capabilities, leading to object engraving at any height. Even better, the system can remember patterns, making it more efficient for batch engravings.

It can also operate 10 times faster than other competitors, so it only takes seconds to engrave. With a 38 x 27 x 56 cm measurement and a 3kg handle weight, the ComMarker B4 is perfect for those looking for an industrial system that can be utilized in small spaces. The versatile handle offers an optimal range of motion as well, making it easier to engrave on large, irregularly shaped objects.

Users can connect the ComMarker B4 system to a macOS or Windows 7/8/10/11, capture and upload an image through the corresponding app, edit them, and produce a laser-engraved art gallery. It’s also compatible with common file formats, such as AI/PLT/JPG/DXF/PNG.

ComMarker Unveils a New Portable Laser Engraver  -

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